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Damaged roof




Why should you get an inspection on your roof?

Maybe you are thinking about getting your roof replaced. Maybe you are thinking about adding solar panels or other additions to your roof. Maybe you are concerned about the last major wind storm. Maybe you just want peace of mind that your roof is there because you don't have the ability to climb a ladder. All of these factors can be addressed through drone inspection, mapping & measurement.

Our aerial roof inspection services utilize cutting-edge drone technology to provide comprehensive and accurate assessments of your roof's condition. We will capture high-resolution images and videos from above, allowing us to identify any potential issues or damage with precision and efficiency. Trust us to deliver detailed reports and recommendations to help you make informed decisions about your roof maintenance and repairs.

Bird's Eye View


I will first take a couple of photos looking directly down over your roof. This process will give you the overall condition of your roof. 

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 8.31.00 AM.png

Low Roof Inspection


Photos will be taken just a few feet above the roof. This process will allow you to easily identify any discrepancies that are difficult to catch with the naked eye


Orthomosaic Mapping


Now the fun part. Orthomosaic Mapping is a combination of photos stiched together that are corrected for lens distortion, camera tilt and perspective. This allow a more accurate reading of the area of your roof. 


Eaves and Gutters


Pictures of the eaves and gutters that will allow you to make a judgment if that area needs to be conditioned. Is the drainage working correctly? Are there any water damage around the eaves?




First of all, what is flashing?  Flashing is the material used around a vertical object on the roof. Is sealant used instead of the  proper material in order to prevent leaks?




Finally, putting it all together. This information will give you the area of the roof. The measurements of the eaves hips, ridges, rakes and valleys of your roof.. 

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 9.56.48 AM.png

A waiver might need to be obtained if your residence is in a controlled airspace.
There will be a variance on the measurements of the roof.  This variance will depend on the size and structure of the roof. 
I am not a contracted inspector nor a surveyor.  I am, however,  a licensed, insured and certified drone pilot and photographer.


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